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Advisory Board

ZPower's Advisory Board provide business and technology assistance to provide various experiences and opinions toward effectively locating, developing and commercializing clean, abundant energy technologies. We have three (3) categories of Advisors, as follows:

Business Advisors - Provide business advise on the commericalization of energy technologies, along with the corporate structures necessary to accomplish the mission of ZPower.

Technology Advisors - Provide technical review and advise of new ideas, prototype development and technology development.

Invention Advisors - Provide assistance in locating inventors and scientists developing clean energy technologies.

Business Advisors

Name Ronald A. Martin
Biography Ron has received his education based upon years of personal experience as a mortgage and international banker, builder, investor, developer, and owner of various businesses. He is responsible for implementing processes for securing and preserving investment capital and operational revenues for the company, as well as securing distributorships for the company’s technology.

Name Creighton Hampton
Biography (Short Biography)

Name Edward ("Trey") Basha
Biography (to be provided soon)

Name Mark Marchi

(to be provided soon)

Name Bob St. Amand

(to be provided soon)

Name Justin Bronk

(to be provided soon)

Name Brian Grindrod

(to be provided soon)



Technology Advisors

Name Dr. Patrick Bailey

(to be provided soon)

Name Dr. Wingate Lambertson

(to be provided soon)


Invention Advisors

Name Bruce Perreault

(to be provided soon)

Name Melvin Ernster

(to be provided soon)

Name Alexander Peterson

(to be provided soon)


Future Advisory Board Members

The management of ZPower is constantly looking for new Advisory Board members, as the new energy industry develops and ZPower makes progress in developing energy products for the global market.

Benefits provided to our Advisory Board members:

  • Annual Corporate Retreat to discuss energy development and goals of ZPower, with all expenses paid.
  • Energy Conferences and Conventions with ZPower involvement are paid for conference/convention entrance expenses, travel fees, and lodging expenses.
  • An email address with ZPower.com.
  • Involvement in the successful development of the Leader in the Energy Revolution.
  • Monthly per diem
  • Future employment opportunities. New job offers are first provided to qualified Advisory Board members.

If you are interested in becoming in Advisory Board member, please contact Reed Huish to discuss your qualifications. Please note that a strict confidentiality agreement will be mutually signed if your involvement includes confidental matters.