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About ZPower

ZPower Corporation was founded to commercially develop and globally market a range of revolutionary energy technologies, with the aim of providing a foundation for the peace, health and prosperity of all people and for a sustainable world that supports all life.

ZPower's capabilities include a wide range of services, including intellectual property protection, development finance, corporate structures, tax planning, licensing, marketing and forming strategic partnerships for manufacture and sales. ZPower's plans include a well proven, high leverage route for rapid deployment of technology worldwide.

Vision Statement: For ZPower generators to power every home and every car.

Imagine a power system no larger than your home HVAC system which provides all your home energy needs for 20 years without requiring any fuel or maintenance expenses, yet costs just a few thousand dollars to install in your home. ZPower is developing such a revolutionary energy technology, which can provide clean, cheap, and abundant energy for buildings, vehicles, as well as many other applications.

ZPower was formed to be the vehicle for ongoing development, stewardship and commercial maximization of breakthrough energy conversion technologies in a world burdened by outmoded and environmentally destructive energy systems. ZPower's mission is to become the global leader in providing viable fuel-less and pollution-free energy alternatives that can deliver electrical, mechanical and thermal power.

Fuel-less and pollution-free energy technologies hold the promise of an energy revolution.

Our Mission: To supply the world with clean, abundant and inexpensive energy.

Even though over $12 trillion is spent annually by consumers for energy needs throughout the world, there has been no quantum leap forward in energy production, similar to the jump from copper wire to fiber optics in telecommunications. One evolutionary step to improve energy production, nuclear fission, was developed, but we are still boiling water - using 20th century technology on top of 19th century plumbing. Our existing energy sources restrict the progress of society. Present fuel sources are limited, result in environmental destruction, and continue to be costly to consumers and industry.

Scientists have been attempting to devise new energy sources to solve our insatiable energy appetite, but the journey has been challenging. Not until recently have several promising discoveries emerged, ushering in a new age of social prosperity without the impairment of pollution or high fuel costs. These discoveries herald a new era of opportunity.

Our technologies obtain these unprecedented performances by collecting and converting of energy from a previously unknown source, sometimes referred to as Zero Point Energy (ZPE). Nobel Laureate Richard Feynman and one of Einstein's protégés, John Wheeler, calculated that there is more than enough ZPE in the volume of a coffee cup to evaporate all the world's oceans. In essence, the implication of this energy field is that all physical matter can be considered to be floating in a sea of energy, which if collected and converted into electrical energy, could more than meet the world's insatiable energy demand.

ZPower is developing several of these ZPE energy conversion technologies that offer unprecedented ecologically sustainable performance, with the aim of producing a multitude of viable energy solutions.

Corporate Goals

ZPower's intent is to focus on the development and implementation of the most promising advanced energy technologies and to introduce a broader range of other technologies as the organization develops. Other new energy technologies based upon new forms of potential energy.

ZPower defines success as the widespread adoption of these new, non-polluting energy technologies, essentially replacing the use of oil, coal, gas, nuclear power and other damaging energy sources being effectively replaced. It should be understood that such a massive change will require many years of product proliferation throughout the world in an industry with over a $12 Trillion USD impact in the world economy.

Our goal is to replace the current centralized energy limitations (i.e., massive power plants) with one of decentralized, point-of-use power generators (i.e., individual home generators), to enable humanity to attain a long-term, sustainable civilization. We believe we can replace virtually all fossil fuel, internal combustion and nuclear based generators within 30 years. The dramatic impact will require cooperation among industrial, scientific, governmental, financial and military business groups. Our intention is to focus on such cooperation instead of opposition.

It is safe to say that the introduction of these new energy generators will be one of the greatest benefits to all of mankind, affecting the technological, industrial, geopolitical and cultural development of humanity. No aspect of life on Earth will be unaffected by these new energy products.

Corporation Overview

ZPower Corporation was founded in April of 1995 as an Arizona Corporation by Reed N. Huish with the objective of making clean, fuel-less energy generation technologies for homes, vehicles and many other applications for the sustainability and growth of our planet. Mr. Huish instinctively believes that there is a far better way then how we presently provide our energy to live.

ZPower was re-incorporated at the end of December, 2004 as a Nevada Limited Liability Corporation, with Nevada Corporation File Number LLC31348-2004.

A subsidiary English Company was founded in early 1999, named ZPower Technologies Ltd with UK Registration Number 03695376.

To support African operations, ZPower Corporation was registered in Ontario, Canada on the 16 of March, 2012.



For humanity to move to its next level of development, signifying abundance instead of a scarcity mentality, we need new energy sources. Natural Gas and Oil resources are limited, as signified by our ever increasing gasoline prices. We can no longer base our economy on the combustion engine and fossil fuels. Our time is short.

New energy sources are needed now, and ZPower will be a large part of making these new energy products become a reality for all of humanity.




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