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General Questions and Answers

The following are common questions which individuals often ask us. We welcome any additional questions that you may have for us which are not answered here.

These General Questions and Answers are listed according to categories:

Corporate - Corporate questions relating to ZPower, its managers and owners, and financing of ZPower.

Products - Product questions regarding availability, performance and testing.

If you are an energy technology inventor or scientist, then we also recommend you review the Explorers (Inventors) Questions and Answers section.

For Potential Partners or Licensees to be involved in the development, manufacturing and/or marketing of ZPower energy technologies, please see the Strategic Partners Questions and Answers section.

Posted 15 March 2007

Corporate Questions and Answers


How did ZPower begin? What are the goals and objectives of ZPower?

ZPower was and is a dream of Reed N. Huish, an entrepreneur with experience for several years in the energy industry. Research led Mr. Huish to determine that no present energy source (nuclear, coal, oil, solar, wind, etc.) can provide the energy solution which survival of the human race requires.

After attending several 'New Energy' conferences, and visiting several inventors of 'New Energy' technologies, Mr. Huish determined that the future of the energy industry, in fact the future of survival and growth of people requires a breakthrough, new energy source...and this new energy source will come from research in the 'New Energy' field.

The objective of ZPower is to introduce clean, abundant and inexpensive energy sources for use in all buildings, vehicles and everyday appliances we all use.


How has ZPower changed since it was founded 15 years ago? What have you done for the 15 years in operation?

Several key staff of ZPower have seen and tested 'New Energy' technologies which apparently produce more energy then they take to operate, clearly indicating a functioning Zero Point Energy generator.

Over 50 different technologies have been reviewed, evaluated and tested. Many inventors have been supported, to provide minimal funding and support, to validate the efficacy of their technology prototype. Most resulted in disappointment for the staff of ZPower (as well as the inventor), resulting in loss of a cumulative millions of dollars of funds. A few have resulted in technology prototypes which demonstrate promising results, that with additional capital investment will result in a true, breakthrough ZPE generator technology.

Most of the history of ZPower has been involved in seeking funding for our development activites, along with manufacturing & marketing plan. Government sources and venture capital sources proved fruitless.


Who is involved in ZPower? Who owns ZPower?

The key personnel of ZPower is listed on our Personnel page. Mr. Huish is a major owner of ZPower, along with minor ownership by other key staff of ZPower.


How was the ZPower team selected?

The key criteria for selecting staff of ZPower include PASSION for the 'free energy' field, to see that these clean, abundant energy products are made available by everyone throughout the world. A COMMITMENT to hard work, and smart work, is very important determinant to reflect the staff's passion. And finally education, background and skills necessary to develop the ZPower technologies, and proliferate these resulting products globally so that all of the world may benefit from this technology.

The ZPower team was (and is) assembled based on the guiding principle that each human being has a divine given right to clean, abundant and inexpensive energy.


Products Questions and Answers


When will ZPower make a public announcement for your technologies?

No announcement is currently planned. ZPower doesn't require a public announcement to raise capital for our activities. Technology and product development is ongoing. When the right infrastructure and Strategic Partners are established, the appropriate public announcement will be made and announced on our page for Press Releases. Once Strategic Partners have been chosen, each licensee will be free to demonstrate the ZPower energy products to their respective consumer public as appropriate.


When and where will I be able to purchase a ZPower generator?

It is anticipated that products will be available by the end of 2014. Appropriate announcements will be made by the respective Strategic Partners. Licensing agreements with our Strategic Partners require designation of the ZPower logo, assuring the consumers buying the product to be assured of the quality and performance of the energy product they are purchasing.


Can I offer my property (office, home, farm, etc.) to allow installation of a "ZPower Energy Generator"?


No. The staff of ZPower already have numerous sites chosen for evaluation and testing of the ZPower products. Installing a ZPower energy product at a location without the appropriate confidentiality would be a silly idea.


How do your ZPower technologies work?

The simple answer is that any 'free energy' technology which ZPower is supporting is based upon the science of tapping into an energy field called the Zero Point Energy field. In essence there is an abundant energy field, surrounding our planet, and the right "radio receiver" is required to tap into these energy field, turn these high-frequency energy waves into usable energy for powering your home or your automobile.


Does the ZPower technology represent perpetual motion?

No. We are tapping into an energy field which has existed since time began, but is not being utilized to power industry. Once users realize that we are simply tapping into the Zero Point Energy field, it is similar to a solar panel which taps into the free energy of the sun.


Why are some within the scientific community skeptical of the ZPower technology?

Introduction of any new technology is typically met with skepticism and disbelief in the scientific community, until the science behind the technology is understood. Fortunately, ZPower does not require support from the scientific community in order to secure funding for our activities. Our intention is to disclose very little if any science to people other then ZPower scientists or our Strategic Partners, as the key to our Strategic Partners success in marketing the ZPower products is keeping the technology proprietary.


Are ZPower products totally self sufficient from outside energy?

Yes. Neither outside electricity or fuel is required for operation of any ZPower products.


How much electrical power with the ZPower products delivery?


The scientists at ZPower are developing various size products for a variety of industries and applications. As an example, a typical 2000 sq foot home in North America requires on average 3kW of energy for operation. 1kW minimum, 15kW at maximum loans (i.e., with the HVAC unit and oven running). In working with our Strategic Partners, our intention is to provide products which will support the maximum size for most needs. In the example of a residential home, this would be a 20kW home generator. In the unusual case of very large homes, commercial size generators would be available.


What is the life expectancy of a ZPower product?

Each product will vary based upon its industry and application, but a typical life expectancy is 15 years.


Will I be without electricity if the ZPower product is turned off or fails for any reason?


Yes. If the ZPower product fails, unless you have a backup source of power, you would be without power (i.e., for your home). It is ZPower's intention to make ZPower generators as reliable as the sources they are replacing. For example, while the utility companies rarely fail to provide power to residential homes or businesses, power does occasionally fail. Through thorough product development and testing, our intention would be to supass the reliability of utilities companies.

While somewhat costly, in the example of home power, initial installations of ZPower Home Power Systems can be configured so that if the ZPower product fails, a switch-over to the utility company power could be accomplished.


Will each ZPower product by different Strategic Partners (for example in different countries) be the same?


No. Each Strategic Partner will custom tailor the product to meet the needs of the industry and application in their area.


Who will install and service the ZPower product?


It depends on the application. In a ZPower product that would replace, say a battery in a laptop computer, then it would be serviced typically by the laptop manufacturer. Installation and service is all dependent upon the location (i.e., USA) and application (i.e., Home Generator). Typically the providing of the installation and support personnel is provided by the Strategic Partner, and will be made readily available by the Strategic Partner.


Must homes and businesses be retrofitted or changed in order to use the ZPower Energy Product?


No. The ZPower products are designed to utilize all existing appliances and require no changes in order to have the ZPower Product installed and used. To install a ZPower Home Generator would be fairly simple and straight forward, and it is intended to be used on any existing residence.



This page will be updated frequently with Common Questions and Answers.