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Recommended Links

This page lists links to external websites to provide additional information on 'Free Energy' news, scientists, along with general energy information and statistics.

Free Energy / New Energy News Sites

Free Energy News

Open Source Energy Network

ZPEnergy - The Energy of the Future

Integrity Research Institute

Free Energy Library

Free Energy / New Energy News Technology Developers

Universal Power Inc.

BlackLight Power Inc.

Genesis Scientific

Hutchison Effect Online



Perendev Power

TransWorld Energy

Quantum Fields

Nuclear Solutions

GIFNET (Global Institute for New Energy Technologies)

JLN Labs

The Tom Bearden Website

Eagle Research

Electron Power Systems

StarRotor Corporation

Flynn Research Inc.

Magnetic Power Inc.

JLN (Jean-Louis Naudin) Labs

Free Energy / New Energy Discussion Groups

Free Energy / Anti-Gravity / Time Travel List

Free NRG List

Free Energy Claims

Free Energy / Over-Unity / Tesla Free Power

KeelyNet List

Energy 2000 / Energy 21

Jean-Louis Naudin Labs List

Floyd Sweet / Vacuum Triode Amplifier List

Temporal Accelerator Project - Temporal Explorers Network - Areospace & Technology, Gravity Research List

Nu Energy Technologies List

MEG Builders Group List

Vortex List

Hydrino Study Group List

Breakthrough Propulsion Physics List

American Antigravity

Community-Built Directory of 'Free Energy' Topics

PESWiki - community-built 'free energy' website

Free Energy / New Energy Technology Information Sites

DeCatalyst Home Page

The Mad Scientist's Lair

The Josef Hasslberger page of Economy, Physics and New Energy

Weird Science (Bill Beaty's Homepages)

KeelyNet Home Page

The Art Bell Web Page

Horizon Technology

Center for Gravitational Physics and Geometry

The Laura Lee Radio Show

PEA Research

Pleiades Enterprises

Dr Mendel Sachs

The International Society for Condensed Matter Nuclear Science

New Energy Movement

Over Unity Power Research

Free Energy Website


Overunity - The International Free Energy Research Forum

Aetherometry - the Science of the Metrics of the Aether

Free Energy / New Energy Magazines

Infinite Energy Magazine

New Energy Technologies

ExtraOrdinary Technology Magazine

Electrifying Times

Distributed Energy

Nexus Magazine

Electric Spacecraft Journal Network

New Energy Times

Cold Fusion Times

Free Energy / New Energy Technology Associations

The Institute For New Energy

Planetary Association for Clean Energy, Inc.

American Hydrogen Association

Energy Resources

CBS News - Alternative Energy

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Network

Energy Information Administration

Welcome to the Global Energy Marketplace

International Energy Agency

IGC: Energy: Internet-Resources Collection

ILSR WWW Home Page

Millennium Institute: Sustainable Development

The California Energy Commission Homepage

The Department of Energy's Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Network

Gridwise (sm) Power Guide

Millennium Institute: Indicators

New NREL Homepage

Nuclear Physics: Past, Present and Future

Public Utility Home Page

Solstice: Sustainable Energy and Development

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Network

World Energy Efficiency Association Home Page

World Game Institute

World Resources Institute

Americans for Energy Independence

World Energy Council

Future Crisis - Peak Oil Crisis and Renewable Energy Resources

Commute Faster - Best Energy Sources

Energy Articles (various sources)

Other Science News

Science Daily

CNN Science-Space News

CBS Sci-Tech News

Physorg.com - The latest physics and technology news

SciNews - NewsWise



Focus Fusion

Alternative Energy News

Commute Faster

Alternative Energy News

Alternative Energy Institute

Additional Links

If you believe that an additional link should be added to this page, please contact ZPower to recommend such a link.