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Explorers (Inventors) Contact

This page is for energy scientists or inventors, which we refer to as Explorers, as these skilled individuals are exploring breakthrough technology and science for generating electrical power.

We also recommend you review our General Questions and Answers, along with our page designed for Explorers.

It's easy to contact ZPower. Use the web form below, send us an email, do an online chat or give us a call. The chat and call options are available during normal business hours, Pacific Standard Time.

Whatever your preference, we'll respond quickly.

For mailing of documents and packages, please review our locations list for the appropriate address.

Contact Methods

Explorers (Inventors) Contact


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Facsimile (+1) 440-919-5347 or (+44) 705-347-2154
Email info {at} ZPower.com
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Live chat with ZPower
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