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Explorers (Inventors) Questions and Answers

The following are common questions which Explorers (Inventors) and their associates often ask us. Such common Questions and Answers will continue to be posted on this page for easy reference. This page will be updated when new information is available. We welcome any additional questions that you may have for us which are not answered here.

These Explorers Questions and Answers are listed according to categories:

General - Why should I work with ZPower? How does ZPower support Energy Explorers (Inventors)?

Relationship - Questions regarding the relationship between ZPower and the Explorer (Inventor) in such items as finances.

Technology - Questions regarding your Technology and moving from idea to prototype to product.

We also recommend you review the General Questions and Answers as well.


Posted 15 March 2007

General Questions and Answers


What does ZPower do?

In working with scientists & inventors, our objective is four-fold, listed in the appropriate sequence: 1) locate energy inventors (whom we call Explorers) with promising, clean energy generation technology prototypes, 2) evaluate the Explorer's Technology prototype(s), 3) in coordination with the Explorer, develop the Technology into various appropriate products for usage in the global marketplace, 4) proliferate these products throughout the world.

Each step is contingent upon the former one. For example, until the prototype has been successfully evaluated, as per step #2, then the development of the products is not warranted. Along each step, ZPower does not ask the inventor for any money. If the inventor decides to work with ZPower, under a joint partnershp arrangement, then ZPower provides for all resources needed, including financial, legal and scientific support.


These are noble objectives of ZPower, but you can be honest, what is your real objective?


The principals of ZPower believe that over-unity or 'free energy' generators have existed for at least 100 years. Human society could have had a replacement for fossil fuels many decades ago, if only inventors with those "crackpot" ideas were supported. Most industrial economies have changed during the last 75 years, to move away from long-term Research & Development, to instead focus on short-term gains to increase the Wall Street stock value of the company.

ZPower's true intention is one thing. Make these 'free energy' technologies available to all of humanity. And to make them truly available, these products must be inexpensive and freely available for all industries and all applications.

True, ZPower does intend to generate a profit in its activities, as any corporation must generate an income to survive. But never to the extent of sacrificing what is our overall goal in releasing clean, abundant, inexpensive energy generation products throughout the world.

We believe that this journey will not be easy. Special interests in the nearly $10 Trillion Energy Industry quite often have a short-sided mentality to not want a replacement for their "black gold", even though they admit that fossil fuels have a limited resource, and will run out in the near future.

The only opportunity we have to avoid environmental destruction on this planet is through use of these 'free energy' generators, far and wide, throughout the world. Our dream, for the principals of ZPower, is to make this a reality so that all may enjoy the bounty of abundant energy which all of humanity should enjoy.


Are you a typical "Invention Submission" type of company?

No. We never charge fees from scientists or inventors. Our objective is to successfully commercialize 'free energy' technologies, not to make money by taking money from inventors. In fact, quite often we lose money working with inventors in evaluating their technologies.


How did ZPower begin?

ZPower began over 15 years ago as a dream by Reed N. Huish, an entrepreneur with experience in the energy field. Mr. Huish's dream is to release 'free energy' technologies throughout the world. ZPower was funded by the personnel of ZPower, and in particular Mr. Huish. ZPower remains outside the control of government or corporate interests.


Who is involved in ZPower?

The principal of ZPower are listed on our personnel page.


What have you done for the 15 years in operation? How has ZPower changed since it was founded?

The principals of ZPower have funded and worked with several inventors in the energy field. Our global plan to research, develop and commercialize 'free energy' technologies has been formulated. The majority of the 15 years has been a continual search for the right wealthy investor who held the same vision of ZPower in the global commercialization of 'free energy' products.


How is the Explorer (Inventor) of a successful energy technology compensated?


Negotiable. A joint venture company is formed, which is owned by the Explorer (Inventor) and ZPower. This joint company receives a compensation through licensing fees, ongoing royalty fees, along with upfront success fees paid directly to the Explorer.

This is dependent upon how close the technology is to manufacturing and patenting. A device which produces net power output of a few watts requires significant development as compared to a device which produces several kilowatts of power.

As per the agreement between ZPower (the firm marketing the inventor's technology) and the joint venture company owned by the Explorer (the firm which owns the technology), certain criteria will be definied guaranteeing that millions of products will be sold, and will directly make the Explorer extremely wealthy.

Also remember that ZPower is responsible for paying all expenses and fees.


What are the terms of performance, terms of release, commercialization schedule, etc. in your agreement?

It is all dependent upon the Explorer's Technology, and the appropriate applications and markets of the Technology. In other words, these details are all Technology specific to be addressed in detail with the Explorer. We are reasonable, with the overall objective being the global success of your Technology. Worldwide dissemination is more important then profit generated.


Where did ZPower's funding come from? Do you have sufficient financial resources or money to support my technology? Can you provide proof of your finances?

From a wealthy, private individual who shared the goals of ZPower. This individual wishes to remain anonymous, but does not unduly control or influence the actions of ZPower. Yes, direct to the Explorer we can prove our financial resources.


What Explorers (Inventors) technologies are you working with, or have commercialized? What technologies have you funded successfully?

If you work with ZPower, you wouldn't want us disclosing your name to others. Similarly, we do not disclose those individuals which we are working with. References can be given, in confidence, when meeting one-on-one with the inventor and principal(s) of ZPower.


Why should I work with ZPower?

For several reasons:

  1. We have a strong management team of individual with backgrounds of successfully commercializing new technologies and a vision regarding abundant, clean energy technologies.
  2. We have a global plan based on successful strategies and concepts.
  3. We have adequate funding to successfully develop and proliferate your Technology.
  4. We share a common belief that global, massive distribution of 'free energy' technologies is essential to the survival of humanity.


Where is ZPower located, and where are you laboratory(s) located?


We are in the process of establishing appx. 20 zone offices, strategically located around the world. The mission of these ZPower zone offices are to locate energy inventors with working prototypes to be tested. The location of these ZPower zone offices are identified on our locations page. Once a successful prototype has been identified, then the development moves to the development offices of which ZPower is establishing 5 development offices located near San Diego (USA), San Jose (Costa Rica), London (UK), St. Petersburg (Russia) and Hong Kong (China). These zone offices are not publicly accessible, and the highest levels of security and privacy are maintained.


Must the inventor be an individual, or could it be a corporation or trust?


We definie the inventor as an individual with the knowledge of their technology...how it works, how to duplicate it, and how to improve it. But the "inventor" could be a corporation or other legal entity, but this inventor must have full, legal control over the technology. If multiple people share legal control, then all people would need to sign any agreement developed between the inventor and ZPower.


Do you charge the Explorer (Inventor) any upfront fees?

No. Never.


I don't have a working prototype. Can you still support my research? Can you provide me funding for me to develop a prototype? Can I work at your laboratory on my technology?

Our standard answer is: No. At the present time we only financially support inventors with working prototypes.

In some circumstances, we will provide materials, people and use of our multiple Technology Offices to provide direct assistance for the construction of your Technology Prototype(s). In these circumstances, the construction needs to be performed at our Technology Offices with you directly involved.

We cannot provide funding and materials to you for work at your home or other location, other then one of ZPower's Technology Offices...unless acceptable collateral is provided for the allocation of funds and other resources to you.

Please contact ZPower to discuss your proposal and Technology status.


Are you a government organization, or part of the military or C.I.A. / N.S.A. or some other organization that is out to "suppress" or "steal" my technology? Are you tied to any energy enterprises or companies?

No. We have absolutely no control by any government organization or large corporation organization. We have received no money from any government organization or large corporation organization, including any energy companies or automobile companies.


Relationship Questions and Answers


Who owns the ZPower Technologies?

A joint-venture company is formed, jointly owned by the Explorer (Inventor) and ZPower. This new company owns the Technology, which in turn licenses rights to ZPower to develop, manufacture and market the Technology based upon performance criteria. If ZPower fails to perform in their performance goals, agreed to by the Explorer, then the rights fall back to this new company.

So in essence, the Explorer has ownership of their Technology(ies) in coordination with ZPower.


Do you believe in the "open sourcing" technologies or in "secrecy" and patents?

In the growing, but relatively young "Free Energy" field, the debate continues on between those individuals who support providing these technologies freely to the public, meaning freely available to all scientists, tinkerers, home-builders, and the like. Often these individuals point to the success of the LINUX computer operating system.

While the LINUX operating system has caused shakeup in the computer industry, it needs to be remembered that computer software can be delivered for free over the internet medium. Energy products to power your home or your automobile, as an example, require specific products to be manufactured. While a home refrigerator to keep your food cold can be built by anyone with the right motivation and time, it simply doesn't make economic sense when refrigerator products are available at numerous retailers.

Initially, the manufacturing of 'free energy' products will require an investment of billions of dollars, from manufacturers throughout the world, to make products for use in numerous applications. No manufacturer is going to spend this type of capital unless they see themselves making a profit to repay their capital investment.

Eventually, in the future, ZPower foresees that these abundant, clean energy technologies will become as commonplace as televisions are in the industrial economy. Then, these technologies will be fully available to the common man to build them if they see fit.

The valid support for an "open source" technology is in regards to the end user cost. We at ZPower will do our best to develop products which are significantly most cost effective then existing energy sources. In essence, it is our intention to make it simply unwise to attempt to "build your own refrigerator", but instead buy one from your local retailer.

Therefore, at present, we fully support development of these energy technologies with strict security and secrecy, and numerous patent protection to support our Strategic Partners and their capital invested for proliferation of your energy products.


What philosophical views must we share to work together?

In our experience in working with several scientists and inventors in this field of 'free energy', we have learned that several philosophical views are extremely important:

  1. Driven by faith and not by fear. Too often energy inventors are driven by fear of the "unknown"...men in black seeking to destroy their revolutionary technology. The principals of ZPower have only second hand seen a few cases of technology suppression. Remember, 'free energy' products are good for the economy, and essential for the survival of the human race. It is important to be aware of government and industrial interests which will initially seek to limit your technology, but do not let this direct your life. Believe in what you are doing, that you have a purpose to serve, and a higher mission.
  2. Willingness to work together. Many times inventors create a technology, then want to leave it up to others to try and "decipher" or "decode" their technology. ZPower requires individuals who wish to see their technology become successful, and work together, teaching ZPower scientists about your technology and science, and assisting in the development, if desired, of your technology on to a higher plateau.
  3. Understanding that a successful technology requires more then just a revolutionary idea. Three things are required for a product to become successful. A revolutionary idea, strong management team, and significant financial backing. As the inventor, you bring the revolutionary idea (your technology), ZPower brings the strong management team and financial backing. Occasionally the inventor believes that he invented the technology, and can be the manager who successfully markets his technology to become a global success. Most of the time, this results in dismal failure. Few scientists are managers. Appreciate your skills, and respect others to help you in this journey to make your technology a worldwide success. Appreciate the significant financial capital which will be spent on developing your technology into products, and globally manufacturing and marketing your technology products.
  4. Desire to earn your success. We appreciate that you have spent many years, if not your the majority of your life in developing your technology. While we are able to do so, we do not believe in simplying "buying out" an inventor's technology. We believe that these are revolutionary technologies which cannot be easily understood without significant involvement by the inventor who developed it. While some initial funds can be paid upon agreeing to work with ZPower and successful testing of your prototype, we believe that it is in your long term interest to be paid as your technology is successful, as you will earn significantly more over the next 5-25 years, instead of simply earning a "one shot" payment. This also requires both parties, the inventor and ZPower, to jointly work together for the success of your technology.


Can you please let me know about the different branches of your organization? What are the different projects which your organization is working on, and what are your activities?

Our organization is composed of three primary divisions. The first locates the Explorers (Inventors) / Scientists and tests their Technology prototype. The second develops these Technologies & Prototypes into products for use throughout the world. The third group globally markets the Technology and Products primarily through licensing.



Technology Questions and Answers


Will ZPower pay an 'upfront fee' for allowing independent testing of my prototype?

No. We will not pay for the right to test your prototype. We require you to be involved in all phases of the testing of your prototype. We are paying for the facility, the test equipment, security and transportation. This will show our faith in you and our commitment to objectively and thoroughly test your prototype. Allowing us to test your prototype shows your commitment.


What guarantees are offered against prototype theft during testing?

You (the inventor) are encouraged to be involved in every phase of the testing, to confirm confidentiality and security. We will hire armed guards to accompany your prototype. Testing will be done at our own facilities, if acceptable, to insure no outside involvement. The inventor is also protected by a comprehensive confidentiality agreement. We are also open to any reasonable suggestion that the inventor may have.


Does ZPower require an exclusive license?

A joint venture company, owned by the inventor and ZPower is established, and yes, this new company requires an exclusive license of your technology. This is a company which you are intimately involved with.


What security and secrecy measures do you take for my technology?


After validation of your technology at a ZPower zone office, the further technology development takes place at a ZPower development office, which maintain the highest level of secrecy and security. As appropriate, we are willing to allow a review of an appropriate development office to confirm the confidential measures we keep.


Are you looking for multiple "free energy" or "Zero Point Energy" technologies, or just one? If many technologies, then why?

The energy industry worldwide is a nearly $10 Trillion per year industry. The internal combustion engine that is in your automobile could not solve all the energy demands of the world. Likewise, one technology cannot solve all the thousands of energy appliations of the world.

We believe that multiple technologies will be needed to address the numerous energy needs.

I cannot find anyone to test my prototype. Can you assist me to test and verify my prototype?

Certainly we can help. The objective of ZPower is to use our efforts to make certain that these "free energy" technologies to come forward and benefit all of humankind. We are welcome to arrange testing and verification of your prototype(s) at our facilities. Please contact ZPower to make the appropriate arrangements.


This page will be updated frequently with Explorer Questions and Answers.