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Is ZPower Right for You?
Technology Categories

The team at ZPower stands ready to assist you. We classify energy technologies into the following categories:

1) A device which taps into the Zero Point Energy field or produces more electrical power then it consumes (see the One Watt Challenge). Alternatively, a device which utilizes common materials (i.e., water) for fuel (i.e., to operate an automobile). This device class is strongly preferred.

2) A device which reduces gravity or creates excess propulsion, and can be configured to produce electrical energy. Propulsion and Energy are inseperable, and a device which produces energy can also be for propulsion, and vice versa.

3) A device which reduces consumption of fossil fuels or electrical energy of a significant amount (greater then 20%). An example is a retrofit device which reduces gasoline consumption in a typical fuel-injected automobile by 25%, or a device which can add on to a typical home, to reduce power usage by 20% without reducing the work being done.

At present we are looking for the Category #1 Energy Technologies.

In addition, as noted in Pathway to Commercialization, ZPower is seeking devices which a "proof of concept" prototype exists, or has been built in the past and can be assembled at a reasonable cost (and evidence of a past successful prototype exists).

Relationship Steps

The following briefly summarize the steps in developing a relationship between the Explorer (Inventor) and ZPower.

1) Initial Contact. Please fill out the Technology Submission page, or contact a ZPower representative to discuss your device.

2) Signing of a Non-Disclosure form by a ZPower representative and the Explorer, to keep your technology details confidential, as well as any proprietary information shared by ZPower with the Explorer.

3) Technology Evaluation. The Prototype is tested and evaluated. If a Prototype does not exist, then under certain circumstances resources are provided so that the Explorer, usually in direct coordination with ZPower, can construct a Prototype for evaluation and testing. Prototype testing can take place at ZPower's offices or at the Explorer's chosen location, to respect the confidential nature of the your Technology.

4) Form a joint-venture company, to be owned by both the Explorer and ZPower. This new joint-venture company assures your technology is commercialized (not suppressed by anyone), and will hold the patent rights to your Technology, and receives the income stream from your Technology. Each Technology has its own applications and products, but typically the joint-venture company would assign a license to a group responsible for developing, licensing, manufacturing and marketing the Technology in numerous applications. Usually this group would be ZPower or an appropriate subsidiary. Please note that the Explorer has ownership in the joint-venture company, which owns the Technology and patents, and if the technology is not properly marketed, then this joint-venture company can pursue other marketing options.

5) The Technology is developed for all appropriate application; licensed to numerous companies & other entities; manufactured at suitable facilities, and globally marketed through the right distribution channels and outlets.

Each step of the process is funded by ZPower. As noted on this website, or sole purpose is to make certain that your Technologies are released to the public, so that all humanity may benefit. The Explorer may be involved as little or as much as is wanted by him or her.


The team at ZPower stands ready to assist you. We require the following:

1) A successful technology "proof of concept" prototype exists, or has been built in the past with evidence to verify this, and a new prototype can be assembled at a reasonable cost. The ideal successful prototype produces power without requiring any "primer" or "input" power source. If an input power source is required, then independent testing will be required to demonstrate that the "output" energy generated is greater then the "input" energy required, so that a feedback look can be constructed in the future. Please see Dr. Hal Puthoff's 1 Watt Challenge. [Ideas and Theories are worthless, unless they have been proven through a working prototype]

2) The Technology does not require scarce or expensive resources, such as oil, natural gas, plutonium, and so forth. [Natural Gas Generators are not feasible]

3) The Technology is friendly to the environment, meaning it doesn't burn fossil fuels, doesn't produce hydrocarbons or destructive emissions, doesn't require toxic or destructive materials to operate. [Nuclear Power Generation is not feasible]

4) The Technology can be constructed and operated economically. In particular emphasis is made on energy sources which require no "traditional" fuel. The technology must be significantly cheaper to build and operate then current energy sources (i.e., significantly cheaper to power your house or run your vehicle then is now typical). [Hydroelectric Dams and Wind Power Generators are not feasible]

5) The Technology can be marketed and manufactured with the Explorer and ZPower. ZPower’s purpose is not to simply be an investor, but a full partner in providing strategic financial, technical, and marketing resources necessary to ensure the global commercial success of the Explorer's Technology.


We recommend that you review the Explorer Questions and Answers for additional information. Please contact ZPower for additional questions that you may have. If you are ready, and the above requirements fit your Energy Technology progress, please submit your Energy Technology to our review staff for followup.