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Our Relationship
Idea to Commercial Success

In a world filled with constant innovation, commercial success requires more than just a good idea, it requires the right balance of technology, management partners, financial resources and a high-leverage marketing strategy.

ZPower was founded in 1995 to facilitate the introduction of commercially viable clean energy alternatives into a world burdened by outmoded and environmentally destructive energy sources. The people of ZPower bring together the correct resources to a) identify and evaluate promising new energy generation technologies, b) manage their development, c) intellectually protect the idea and the Explorer (the Inventor), and d) market the technology globally. Throughout this process, we work with the Explorer to establish a rewarding relationships based on mutual performance.

The global implications of these new energy sources are vast and the ramifications will encompass economic, political, social, humanitarian, scientific and even philosophical issues. In order to navigate the tricky waters which the Explorer has sailed into, the team at ZPower is needed to provide commercial and financial assistance.

For many inventors / scientists developing advanced energy sources, their discoveries represent years of painstaking work and often a lifetime of dedication to realize their dreams, and in some cases their life’s purpose. There has often been financial hardship and derision from their peers and the scientific establishment.

So where does the inventor go for financial support of their Technology?

ZPower versus Venture Capitalists

Typically when an inventor / scientist approaches an investor or venture capitalist for money, the investor a) wants to see a team of people that can develop the technology from prototype to product, and b) properly commercialize said products to realize a financial return to the investor. Often the investor wants to see a product, and not a proof-of-concept prototype, as the investor is looking for a ready-to-manufacture product to generate a quick financial return, and not a technology prototype that requires further development before commercialization begins.

ZPower is not an "invention submission company" which takes any money from an inventor / scientist. Our approach is to provide financial, technical and commercial expertise for developing your technology into numerous products, and proliferating those products around the world. Keep in mind the difference between the Inventor and Commercial Manager of a new concept. The Explorer is an inventor -- a brilliant, creative person who develops the energy solutions desperately needed on this planet. ZPower handles the commercial side of the energy solution, allowing a idea to progress from prototype into products, marketed and manufactured throughout this planet. Commercial Managers are not Inventors, and vice-versa. The team at ZPower allows you, the Explorer, to focus on your expertise. To be the "creative source" for these revolutionary energy technologies.

How We Can Assist Inventors

There have seen numerous claims of successful advanced energy generating devices from the time of Nikola Tesla to the present, and yet none have been successfully commercialized. Many investors over the years have been involved in supporting these Explorers, and some have lost considerable money in the process. Explorers have had lifelong dreams not come to pass, and humanity has suffered for it. The owners of ZPower have taken note of past experiences, and have themselves invested many years and significant personal investments in various technologies. Over the past 15 years, we have also learned what strategies are required to successfully commercialize these revolutionary innovations, and to overcome the challenges of the past.

Services We Provide

Once a promising technology is identified, together with the Explorer, we determine the resources and activities necessary to successfully commercialize that energy invention. These activities may include developing prototypes, securing international patents, product finance, corporate structures & tax planning, establishing the proper marketing organization, and forming strategic partnerships for licensing & manufacture by qualified corporations and governments.

Corporate Structures

We recommend that a joint-venture corporation be established, which will be owned by the Explorer and ZPower, and this entity retains full rights to the Explorer's technology. A corporation, properly formed and maintained, can last idefinitely, and can assure both the Explorer and ZPower that the energy technology is not "hidden" or "suppressed", but utilized in ever application possible (i.e., home power system, vehicle power generator, etc.) as well as provides the financial rewards due to the Explorer and his or her kin.

Technology Development

To succeed in the marketplace, most inventions require some degree of technical development. ZPower typically prepares each invention for commercialization by passing the technology through a gauntlet of prototype development and technical certifications, followed by "packaging" of the technology for proper marketing. This may include developing numerous products for the range of applications that the technology applies to (i.e., if the technology is ideal to replace a battery, then create a cellular phone "battery replacement" product).

Intellectual Property Protection

ZPower strives to achieve the strongest proprietary protection for the innovative ideas we work with, which can include broad international patent, trademark & copyright preparation, filing, and on-going protection.

Market Research

ZPower analyzes, evaluates, and quantifies the energy technology's target market. We not only explore the market’s size and growth patterns, but also determine its technological needs and trends to better understand the perspective of potential users and partners of the technology. It is not uncommon for this process to uncover additional markets and new fields of use for an invention, expanding potential licensing opportunities.

Global Marketing through Licensing

How do you turn a revolutionary technology into a product used by millions of people? A great technology or product doesn't do anyone any good, unless it is used by people. There are numerous stories of revolutionary technologies which didn't get past the "technology prototype" stage, due to 'this problem' or 'that problem'.

We believe the solution to this problem is licensing. While this may be a concept unfamiliar to you, the successful examples surround us all. Personal Computers with the "Intel Inside" logo, diet soft drinks with NutraSweet, Stereos with Dolby Noise Reduction, and Chevron gasoline with Techron. These are all examples of a great technology which was licensed around the world, to various companies, to make the idea a worldwide success used by millions of people.

Let us review another well-known example. The first home videocassette recorder (VCR), introduced in 1975, was developed by Sony. This format from Sony was called Betamax or Beta format. These tapes were smaller and had superior image quality then their competitor format, called the VHS, introduced by JVC (or the powerhouse Matsushita) later in 1976. Sony kept its Beta format proprietary, and tried to market this technology through its own powerful marketing arm. While the smaller JVC licensed the VHS technology to literally hundreds of companies around the world, who developed, manufactured and marketed the VHS technology. JVC earned licensing and royalty fees from each of these hundred companies. Sony's marketing juggernaut was unable to match the resources of hundreds of other companies, propelling the VHS to become the global standard, and Beta religated to academic textbooks, even though the Beta format was a superior technology.

ZPower's marketing structure is based on a program of global licensing and joint-ventures, which, from the experience of many successful companies, has proved to be a very "high leverage" route involving thousands of entrepreneurs and corporations around the world, working in combination to propel the deployment of the Explorer's energy technology and products. Why have just one company manufacturing and marketing your products, when dozens or even hundreds of companies could be doing so?

Licensing also allows your revolutionary energy technology, which could cause the loss of thousands or millions of jobs (i.e., at Utility Companies), to be instead redirected to these new energy sources (i.e,. license these products to Utility companies, to install and maintain them). In this simple example of a hundreds of Utility Companies in the USA alone, it does not make sense hiring the hundreds of thousands of people, in hundreds of offices around the country, similar to what the Utility Companies already have in place. Also, licensing allows the use of existing factories and manufacturing facilities, (i.e., an existing electric motor factory), instead of spending possibly many months or years constructing a factory from the "ground up", thus allowing the Explorer's products to reach consumers quickly.

Building Lasting Relationships

The purpose of ZPower's existence is to make certain that these clean, revolutionary, environmentally energy sources are provided to all people. If an technology sits in a closet, or is destroyed because of fear, then it doesn't provide benefit to either the Explorer or humanity. Our intention is to create a long, mutually rewarding relationship with the Explorer, so that the Explorer's dreams are fulfilled, and his or her technology is utilized around the world.

Our Objectives

The objective of ZPower is to demonstrate an invention to potential licensees, we may develop and fabricate prototypes, prepare presentations in a variety of formats, and create specialized marketing tools or materials. We use our business network to identify and contact senior, decision-making executives at prospective licensee companies. ZPower negotiates all licensing agreements for the inventions selected for the program. Once a license is executed, we monitor the agreement and may assist the licensor and the licensee in satisfying their obligations. We strive to ensure that each invention is being commercialized to the fullest extent possible.

ZPower has experience in negotiating and crafting license agreements that create value for each commercialization partner: the inventors, the licensees, and ourselves. Our mutual desire is to maximizing the revenue potential of each technology we manage. We determine the best strategy for such issues as whether to license exclusively or non-exclusively, nationally or internationally, for one market or for all markets, at a flat royalty rate or at decreasing or increasing rates, or with a significant initial payment or no initial payment at all.

We are a full-service technology development and marketing organization, and not an invention submission service. As such, Inventors pay no fees for these or other services we provide. Depending on the relationship structured between the Inventor and ZPower, the Inventor's compensation typically takes the form of a percentage of licensing and royalty revenue.

Our Objective? To make your Technology a global success.

Technology Selection Criteria

We both share the same objective of maximizing the commercial potential of your Technology. It is in ZPower’s interest to achieve high revenues from license & royalty fees, and most importantly assure success of your Technology through global manufacturing and marketing of your Technology Products.

Our mutual success is predicated on your Technology meeting certain criteria, which include the following:

  • Revolutionary: The Technology should be a revolutionary breakthrough in the field of energy and propulsion, not an evolutionary one. A good example is the jump from copper wire to fiber optics in telecommunications, or from the vacuum tube to transistor in electronics.
  • Patent Coverage: ZPower is interested in innovations which have been or can be patented. An alternative to patents may be to keep a portion of the technology a trade secret, similar to the Coca-Cola recipe, but some form of intellectual property protection is important to ensure success. ZPower will review a Technology for patent submission including prior art from our archives of books, magazines, and patents on other energy technology designs.
  • Development Stage: ZPower currently only suppors energy inventors which are beyond the research stage, and have been developed to an existing prototype.
  • Financial Support: ZPower does not simply invest money in a Technology as a passive investor or a Venture Capitalist. We act as your active partner, providing complete commercialization services including technology development, patenting, and global licensing.

A Call for Energy Inventions

ZPower encourages inventors and scientists with new Energy Technologies to submit inventions for review.

The first step is to submit your technology to ZPower for review. Feel free to contact us via phone, facsimile, or email if there are any questions we can answer for you.

After submission, if your Technology is within our mutual objectives, we will coordinate a telephone call, then a confidentiality agreement to protect you & your Technology, followed by a test of your Technology Prototype.

We encourage you to contact ZPower to discuss the opportunities which await you and your Technology in the global marketplace.




The Invention Steps