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Pathway to Commercialization

Our Mission

ZPower was founded by Reed N Huish in April of 1995, with an objective to introduce new, breakthrough methods of generating electrical power, which a) don't require scarce fossil fuels, b) is friendly to the environment, and c) is inexpensive to manufacture and maintain. Our staff is continually evaluating technologies for clean energy generation and propulsion, which are considered “revolutionary” and overcome the numerous problems of our present energy sources.

The only source of these "revolutionary" energy technologies, which meet the above 3 requirements, have been typically referred to as "over-unity" or "free energy" technologies. These energy technologies appear to generate more energy than is being used to operate the technology (or greater then 100% efficiency). However, this is an incorrect assumption, as these energy sources are able to tap into an abundant energy source called the zero point energy field.

There are literally thousands of bright and innovative individuals, throughout the world, working diligently to develop these energy generation technologies. The mission of ZPower is locate these inventors and scientists which have developed a such a successful technology, and assist them in making their technology a global success.

We refer to these individuals as Explorers, as they "explore" into unknown scientific areas, stretching beyond traditional scientific paradigm and textbook limitations. Often critized by their peers or friends, these explorers continue to experiment until they realize a successful prototype to prove their technology. Contrast this with individuals which can take something already proven, in the form of a prototype, whom we can developers. These people are more traditional engineers and scientists, that can take an existing, successful proven technology, and "develop" it into numerous applications and products.

ZPower is seeking Explorers (scientists and inventors), not developers. Individuals who have struggled through thick and thin, failure and success, to have built a prototype, even if basic or crude, which can prove their theories to be sound and successful. In turn, ZPower stands ready to fully assist you to protect your technology, proliferate your technology through numerous products throughout the world, and provide the financial rewards and security you have earned.

At present, ZPower is not seeking ideas or theories only. We are searching for Explorers whom have developed a "proof of concept" prototype, which can be independently tested to produce "excess energy" or tap into the zero point energy field.

What We Are Looking For

The team at ZPower stands ready to assist you. We require the following:

  1. A successful technology "proof of concept" prototype exists, or has been built in the past, and a new prototype can be assembled at a reasonable cost. The ideal successful prototype produces power without requiring any "primer" or "input" power source. If an input power source is required, then independent testing will be required to demonstrate that the "output" energy generated is greater then the "input" energy required, so that a feedback look can be constructed in the future. Please see Dr. Hal Puthoff's 1 Watt Challenge. [Ideas and Theories are worthless, unless they have been proven through a working prototype]
  2. The technology does not require scarce or expensive resources, such as oil, natural gas, plutonium, and so forth. [Natural Gas Generators are not feasible]
  3. The technology is friendly to the environment, meaning it doesn't burn fossil fuels, doesn't produce hydrocarbons or destructive emissions, doesn't require toxic or destructive materials to operate. [Nuclear Power Generation is not feasible]
  4. The technology can be constructed and operated economically. In particular emphasis is made on energy sources which require no "traditional" fuel. The technology must be significantly cheaper to build and operate then current energy sources (i.e., significantly cheaper to power your house or run your vehicle then is now typical). [Hydroelectric Dams and Wind Power Generators are not feasible]
  5. The technology can be marketed and manufactured with the Explorer and ZPower. ZPower’s purpose is not to simply be an investor, but a full partner in providing strategic financial, technical and marketing resources necessary to ensure the global commercial success of the Explorer's technology.

If you or someone you know has such a technology, we invite you to learn about what kind of relationship that ZPower can offer to you.


We have the team to protect, develop and proliferate your Energy Technology on a global basis, including coordinating with governmental, political, institutional, security, financial, and medial interests.

The staff of ZPower stand ready to assist you, the energy inventor and scientist, to offer the following:

  • Full financial support of your technology from "cradle to grave", or better specified, full funding for development of your prototype into a multitude of products, licensing of those products to manufacturers and marketers, and filing of worldwide patents and copyrights on your technology. We never charge you any upfront fees. You prove you have a demonstrable, successful prototype, then we pay for all remaining costs, whatever they may be. We are your partner, not an 'invention company' seeking to make our success by charging you fees.
  • Independent and rigorous scientific testing of your Technology Prototypes through educated engineers with experience in testing 'over unity' energy prototypes.
  • Offer a series of laboratories, located in strategic places throughout the world, in very secure environments, for development of your technology and associated products. This provides redudancy of your Technology, assuring longevity in the event of catastrophic actions aristing against ZPower or your Technology, instead of relying upon one nation. These laboratories will be introduced to the Energy Inventor (Explorer) after successful demonstration of your Technology Prototype. Our Laboratories are extremely secure, plenty of capable equipment, and bright & energetic staff to support the development of your Technology.
  • Our intention is to educate the masses through mass media news outlets and public support, to educate the public about the benefits of your technology, and the disadvantages of destroying our environment and our health through existing energy sources. We will buy ad space and work within countries friendly to the release of your technologies, as they are initially introduced.
  • Coordinating with 'vested interests' such as oil producing countries and companies. In the long run, oil is a limited resource which could become scarce within 30 years. Our intention is to educate these entities to see the benefits of utilizing our precious natural resources for more expensive items (that oil is used for) such as plastics and pharmaceuticals. We will also educate and work with companies entrenched in providing existing energy products to consumers, such as utility companies, working with them as partners, and not adversaries.
  • Careful liaison with government, political and education institutions around the world. These bodies influence everyone directly by political laws and education of youth in schools. Our intention is to positively work with these bodies throughout the world, to encourage them in the success of your technology. An example is to encourage the passing national laws to allow your beneficial energy Technology to be sold to consumers.
  • Our management consists of proven leaders with track records of successfully commercializing technologies and products globally. We have a proven track record which will show you what we can do for you.
  • Security and protection from outside interests that may not have the global success of your technology in mind. While we do not believe in 'Men in Black' around every corner, we clearly understand that many beneficial energy technologies have not been released due to political or financial interests. We are not beholden to these institutions, and our mission should be the same as yours: the global success of your technology. We will provide specific insulation against threats and pressures, both legal and financial. Your name will become known as anonymous, throughout the world, as much as you desire it to be. Either a public hero, or a silent quiet unknown genuis. It is your decision.
  • The Explorers (inventors) of these technologies will be specifically insulated from such threats and pressures, legal or otherwise, since the technology will be assigned to the company via a professional licensing agreement that protects the inventor; the inventor is further assured that the device will be massively disclosed and disseminated by a clause that allows the technology to revert back to the inventor should ZPower not perform under specific criteria within a specified time.
  • We believe in the 'action' not 'words' philosophy. We specify performance levels within our mutual agreement, and meet these 'words' with 'actions' to prove such a philosophy. If we fail to perform, we lose the finances and time we have invested in you and your Technology.

If you are ready, we invite you to the ZPower family.




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ZPower Invention Program