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Press Releases
ZPower's New Website is Launched

ZPower Corporation (ZPower) announces the launch of their new internet website, located at www.ZPower.com. The new website is to reflect significant changes occuring in the year of 2007, and to elaborate on ZPower's position within the growing movement of 'New Energy' technologies. The website includes translations for multiple languages, reflecting the worldwide influce of new energy technologies and it's proliferation.



ZPower begins expansion into West Africa

Several key officials of ZPower have spent significant time in West Africa, and have personally seen the need for reliable, clean power generators for residential, commercial and governmental applications. In many areas, access to a power grid does not exist or is turned off several times a week. ZPower established a corporation in Ghana, West Africa on the 20th of January, 2010, to support our research into this market.

ZPower signs a strategic partnership with Sai Falak International

Sai Falak International is an Indian registered company, based in New Delhi, India (see www.saifalakinternational.com) Sai Falak was seeking a source of clean, green electrical generators, and has access to significant government resources and financial capital. friendly relationship has turned into a formal partnership between ZPower and Sai Falak International. Further details will be announced by late 2012 in this close partnership of companies.

ZPower incorporates a company in Canada

In order to support the manufacture and distribution of generators for the West African market, ZPower is opening a branch office in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. A new ZPower Corporation (of Canada) was formally incorporated on the 16th of March in 2012. Hiring of key individuals for our Toronto office will commence during the summer of 2012.



Additional Press Releases will be posted on this webpage, as appropriate.