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Strategic Partners

Strategic Partners are companies and other major entities involved in the licensing, manufacture and marketing of ZPower Energy Technologies and Products.

ZPower's Energy Technology proliferation strategy is based on licensing of our energy technologies to companies, for a particular industry (i.e., automobiles), and a particular area (i.e., North America). Each of these major entities involved in holding a license for a particular industry and area will deal directly with locations within their area (i.e., United States, and California).

We also recommend you review our Strategic Partners Questions and Answers.


In specifics, the role and responsibilities of Strategic Partners are as follows:

  • Receive a License for a particular energy technology (i.e., ZOne Rotating Technology), a specific area (i.e., North America), and a specific industry (i.e., Automobile Industry).
  • Work closely with ZPower to transfer the Energy Technology Product (including ongoing updates) to the licensor, and conform with all conditions of the license agreement.
  • Establish Manufacturing facilities.
  • Distribute and Market the ZPower Energy Products within the licensor's area, meeting the sales goals.
  • Work with ZPower to protect the ZPower Technology, in order to protect the value of the Strategic Partner's Licensing Agreement.

Licensing Agreement

An outline of the License Agreement between ZPower and the Strategic Partner includes the following:

  • The license will provide a non-transferable, exclusive (if performance goals are met) and non-exclusive (if performance goals are not met) license to manufacture, distribute and sell the patented and patent-pending ZPower Energy Technology.
  • The specific geographic market of the license will be defined.
  • The specific application of the license will be defined.
  • Annual license fee schedule will be listed, along with royalty payments to be paid monthly upon either the manufacture or sale of ZPower Products.
  • Performance Objectives and Requirements will be defined in order for the Strategic Partner to maintain their exclusive license.
  • Obligations of ZPower, including a) protecting the global patent and trademark rights of the ZPower Energy Technology, b) development of improvements to the ZPower Energy Technology Product, and c) interfacing with government and educational institutions regarding the positive transition to ZPower Energy Technologies

Geographic Areas of Licensing

The following graphic illustrates the major geographical areas of the twelve (12) world-wide geographic licenses.

  1. North America
  2. Central America
  3. South America
  4. Europe
  5. Northern Africa
  6. Southern Africa
  7. Former Soviet Republics
  8. Middle East
  9. South Asia
  10. Southeast Asia
  11. East Asia
  12. China

Applications of Licensing

The following is an initial list of the applications for which ZPower Products will be provided to Strategic Partners for. As the global energy industry is massive, this list will rapidly expand to include numerous applications.

  1. Residential Buildings (Homes, Condominiums, Apartments, Mobile Homes, Cabins, etc.)
  2. Commercial/Industrial Buildings (Offices, Retail Facilities, Factories, Warehouses, etc.)
  3. Consumer Vehicles (Automobiles, Trucks, Bicycles, Boats, etc.)
  4. Commercial Vehicles (Trucks, Farm Equipment, Ships, etc.)
  5. Portable Generator (Demonstrator, Camping, Appliance, etc.)

The above strategy will rapidly establish deep and solid foundations on which can be built a robust worldwide organization.


If you represent a company interested in becoming a Strategic Partner of ZPower's Energy Technologies, please contact ZPower to discuss available opportunities.