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Strategic Partners Questions and Answers

The following are common questions which Strategic Partners often ask us. We welcome any additional questions that you may have for us which are not answered here.

We also recommend review of our General Questions and Answers section.

If you are an energy technology inventor or scientist, then we also recommend you review the Explorers (Inventors) Questions and Answers section.

Posted 15 March 2007

Strategic Partners Questions and Answers


How will the ZPower Technologies be commercialized?


All ZPower Technologies will be marketed through a process of licensing. Based on the chosen Product (i.e., automobile power system), territories will be chosen based upon geographic locations (i.e., North America including USA, Canada, and Mexico). And these territories will be responsible for managing the manufacture and marketing of the product within their area and to their market.

Global marketing through licensing has proven successful for many companies. Personal Computers with the "Intel Inside" logo, diet soft drinks with NutraSweet, Stereos with Dolby Noise Reduction, and Chevron gasoline with Techron. These are all examples of a great technology which was licensed around the world, to various companies, to make the idea a worldwide success used by millions of people.

ZPower will be responsible for breakthrough product research. Each Strategic Partner in their territory will be responsible for product development of their product within their geographic area.


Who will manufacture and sell ZPower Products?

Strategic Partners which receive a license from ZPower shall be responsible for the manufacture and marketing of the ZPower Products within their area. A few of the initial products from ZPower are listed here.


How will Strategic Partners or licensees of the ZPower Technologies be chosen?


Strategic Partners will have various strict criteria to adhere to. Being qualified as a ZPower Strategic Partner requires management strength, energy expertise, government influence and financial wherewithall. The right partner will have the involvement already in the industry (i.e., utility or energy industry) in order to positively affect those companies and individuals influenced by the introduction of the ZPower products.


Will each ZPower Strategic Partner create the same product for their territory?


No. Each Strategic Partner will have the ability, defined in their licensing rights, to tailor the the product for their own territory and application.


What fees will each Strategic Partner be required to pay to ZPower?

As detailed within each Strategic Partner licensing agreement, both licensing fees as well as royalty fees will be payable to ZPower. After pre-qualification of each Strategic Partner, the group will have ample opportunity to verify the ZPower Technology and Product, before signing the licensing agreement and committing to the costs and fees detailed within the agreement.


What happens if the Strategic Partner is dissatisfied with performance?

The prospective Strategic Partner will have adequate opportunities to evaluate the ZPower Technology and Product, along with its performance. Hence, the satisfaction of the Strategic Partner will be up to the performance of each Strategic Partner in meetings its objectives goals and objectives, and will be required to abide by the terms within their Licensing Agreement. According to this Agreement, if the ZPower Technology fails to operate as advertised, then the appropriate provisions of the Agreement will be enacted.


Who is responsible for meeting local usage laws and obtaining certifications (i.e., Underwriter Laboratories listing in the USA)

The Strategic Partner is solely responsible, with research support provided by ZPower. These details are listed within the Strategic Partner License Agreement.


Who will install and service the ZPower products?


The Strategic Partner will be responsible for manufacturing and marketing, including installation and service of ZPower products. Such responsibilities could include sub-licensing these rights to companies to assist the Strategic Partner in accomplishing these objectives.


Who owns ZPower Technologies?

ZPower is owned by key principals of ZPower, along with a wealthy private investor who wishes to remain anonymous.

The ZPower Technologies are owned by a joint-venture company owned by both the Explorer (Inventor) and ZPower, after which this joint-venture company has licensed the Technology to ZPower for development and commercialization.


What is your policy regarding secrecy of the ZPower Technology?

In order to commercialize any new technology, support of manufacturing firms, distribution and marketing firms is required. For these firms to perform their function, these firms will need to invest significant investment capital. We refer to these companies at Strategic Partners. ZPower's Technologies are kept confidential, protected by a significant range of global PCT patents. The investment by ZPower's Strategic Partners are protected through confidential information remaining secret, and Technology information protected by Patents and Trademarks.

Because of the economic and political implications of the ZPower Technology, strict security measures are being taken to keep the Technology research and development within the ZPower family.


Why can no one find pending or completed patent applications related to the ZPower Technology?


Patents and Trademarks granted for the ZPower Technologies are under the name of joint-venture Technology license holding companies. Strategic Partners will be provided with full disclosure of all parties involved including complete Technology disclosure.


How will the ZPower Technology affect utility companies?

The team at ZPower likens the changes in the energy industry to be similar to the changes that occured within the computer industry, which has transitioned from massive mainframe computers (power stations) connected to terminals (homes and businesses). ZPower Products are designed for producing power at the point of usage, meaning a ZPower Home Generator for each home, instead of a massive power generator located at the utility company to power each individual home. Utility companies will change, and change drastically over the n5 years. However, utility companies will be required to install and service the ZPower Home Generators.


How will the ZPower Technology affect oil companies?


Given the economic growth of countries such as China and India, it has been estimated that we have less then 30 years of economically extractable crude oil. Crude oil is usualy referred to as sources of energy to create gasoline for automobiles and aeroplanes. Proliferation of ZPower Products will eventually replace the traditional energy usage of crude oil (i.e., gasoline). This will allow our remaining oil to be used for other essential needs, such as pharmaceuticals, plastics, detergents, lubricants and other needs. This will allow oil companies to focus on higher value petroleum derivatives instead of oil as a refined fuel source.


Are the ZPower Technologies difficult to mass-produce?


The manufacturing complexity varies according to the type of ZPower product, but in essence the ZPower are not more difficult to produce then a typical radio deck or electromechnical motor.


Who owns the ZPower Technologies?


ZPower Technologies are owned by joint-venture companies established by ZPower, owned by ZPower and the scientists responsible for development of the respective Technology.


What makes the ZPower Technology unique?


In essence ZPower Technologies extract energy from the Zero Point Energy field. This creates an energy source which is a) inexpensive, far cheaper then any existing energy source, b) clean, no pollution or environmental destruction associated with it like traditional energy sources, and c) is abundant available, without being limited by reliance upon fossil fuels or nuclear platinum.



This page will be updated frequently with Strategic Partner Questions and Answers.