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Technology Sections

Zero Point Energy - Overview of the source where most of our 'Free Energy' technologies obtain their power from.


Solid State Technologies - ZPower is focused on our key solid state energy technology and commercializing this in select Asian countries. Full details will be released on this website as appropriate.

Rotating (Electromagnetic) Technologies - This page lists Rotating (Electromagnetic) Technologies licensed to ZPower. This section includes various alternative Rotating and Magnet Motor Technology.

Propulsion Technologies - This page lists Propulsion Technologies licensed to ZPower. This section includes various alternative Propulsion and Anti-Gravity Technology.

Gas / Fusion Technologies - This page lists Gas / Fusion Technologies licensed to ZPower.

Water / Hydrogen Technologies - This page lists Water / Hydrogen Technologies licensed to ZPower.

Other Technologies - These Other Technologies include: Thermo-Electric Technology, Wind Technology, Fuel Cells, Waste-to-Energy, Solar, Gravity Motors, Stirling Engine, etc. -- any technology not included in our other categories.


Energy Papers - This page includes documents to provide additional information on the coming Zero Point Energy revolution, the Zero Point Energy energy field, and other important energy-related articles.