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Energy Papers

The following documents provide additional information on the coming Zero Point Energy revolution, along with the Zero Point Energy field, and other important energy-related articles.

All documents are in the Adobe Acrobate (PDF) format, which is a universal document format. Software to read this document format is available free of charge for Windows, Macintosh, Unix and other formats.

Energy Revolution Articles


Document Title Adobe Acrobat PDF format retreival
...And Promises To Keep PDF
An Odyssey Of Sorts PDF
Are We Running Out Of Oil PDF
Breaking The Silence - Bilderberg Exposed PDF
Electric Utility Cooperation Plan PDF
Everyday Killers PDF
Infinite Energy PDF
Mideast Oil Forever PDF
New Century Agenda For The North-South Gap PDF
New Energy Age PDF
New Energy Impact On Society PDF
On Solving The Great Problems Of The World PDF
Societal Costs Of Energy PDF
Space Drive A Fantasy That Could Become Reality PDF
Techno Star Gazing PDF
The Coming Energy Revolution PDF
The Free Energy Revolution Is Upon Us PDF
The Inevitable Peaking of World Oil Production PDF
The Revolution Is On The Horizon PDF
The Third Wave PDF
To The Stars PDF
True Expenditures On Energy PDF
Utility Investors PDF
Zero Point Energy Market PDF
Going Tactical PDF
Outside The Box Technologies
And The Unnecessary Energy Crisis
Outside The Box Technologies
And The Unnecessary Energy Crisis
Implications of Outside The Box Technologies PDF
New Energy Solutions and Implications PDF
The Right Time To Develop Future Energy


Zero Point Energy Articles


Document Title Adobe Acrobat PDF format retreival
Advances In The Proposed Electromagnetic Zero Point Field Theory Of Inertia PDF
An Electromagnetic Basis For Inertia And Gravitation PDF
A Zero Point Energy Conversion Device Prototype PDF
Casimir Force The Irrelevant Answer For The Wrong Issue PDF
Energy Conversion From The Exotic Vacuum PDF
Engineering The Zero Point Field And Polarizable Vacuum For Interstellar Flight PDF
Everything For Nothing PDF
Extracting Electrical Energy From The Vacuum By Cohesion Of Charged Foliated Conductors PDF
Extracting Energy And Heat From The Vacuum PDF
Feasibility Study Of ZPE Extraction PDF
Gound State Of Hydrogen As A Zero Point Fluctuation Determined State PDF
Gravity And The Quantum Vacuum Inertia Hypothesis PDF
How To Build Free Energy And Anti Gravitation Devices PDF
Inertia As A Zero Point Field Lorenz Force PDF
Physics Of The Zero Point Field Implications For Inertia Gravitation And Mass PDF
Quantum And Classical Statistics Of The Electromagnetic Zero Point Field PDF
Quantum Mechanical Ground State Of Hydrogen Obtained From Classical Electrodynamics PDF
Reply To Michelis Comment On Zero Point Fluctuations And The Cosmological Constant PDF
Something From Nothing A Zero Point Primer PDF
Stochastic Nonrelativistic Approach To Gravity As Originating From Vacuum Zero Point Field PDF
The Casimir Effect Physical Manifestations Of Zero Point Energy PDF
The Leftovers Of Nothing PDF
The Zero Point Field And The NASA Challenge To Create The Space Drive PDF
Zero Point Energy Document Compilation PDF
Zero Point Fields Gravitation And New Physics PDF
Inside Zero Point Energy PDF
Introducing The Practice Of Asymmetrical
Regauging To Increase The Coefficient Of
Performance Of Electromechanical Systems
Moving Beyond The First Law And Advanced
Field Propulsion Technologies
The Unnecessary Energy Crisis -
How To Solve It Quickly


Additional Documents

If you have any additional documents to add to this page, please contact ZPower to suggest such document.