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Zero Point Energy
Zero Point Energy - The Energy of the Vacuum and Space

Our modern economy is based on oil, and without it, every industrial country quickly reverts to a third world style economy. Even the oil companies admit that we have, at most, 35 years under our current population. However, with the population explosion and economic growth of China and India, we have about 20 years of oil remaining. There has not been a major oil field discovered since the 1920s.

The energy alternatives....hydrogen, solar, wind and nuclear, amongst others, are either too expensive or environmentally destructive to our future. There is no plausible alternative to hydrocarbon energy...Except now.

The ultimate energy source should be unlimited, non-polluting and inexpensive. This source is Zero Point Energy. Zero Point Energy (ZPE) is unlimited, natural, everywhere and it's free.

As Nikola Tesla, the genius who gave birth to alternating current which we all use to power our homes, said in a 1891 speech before the American Institute of Electrical Engineers, said "Ere many generations pass, our machinery will be driven by Power obtainable at any point in the Universe... throughout space, there is energy...it is a mere question of time when men will succeed in attaching their machinery to the very wheelwork of nature...electric Power is everywhere present in unlimited quantities and can drive the world's machinery without the need for coal, oil or gas..." and We believe this time is now, and this energy source is ZPE.

The concept of Zero Point Energy is rooted in quantum theory, and is difficult for even the technically minded to grasp. But theories validated by meticulous experiments have confirmed that so-called "empty space" or what scientists call the "quantum vacuum" actually is teeming with activity. [Aviation Week & Space Technology, March 1, 2004]

ZPE is an energy source that surrounds everything on the planet, similar to invisible radio waves. These energy waves are believed to eminate from the sun, which exist at extremely high frequency fields which have been difficult to create a "radio" to tune into these energy fields. Most scientists will acknowledge the existence of the ZPE field (that this energy source does exist), but many believe that the energy fields are either impossible to "tap" into, or that the energy field is not strong enough to say power your home.

Science Proves ZPE is Real

Science employs a variety of names to describe this "new" energy field: space energy, vacuum energy, quantum vacuum, dark energy, and Zero Point Energy (ZPE).

To explain in further detail, ZPE is the conversion of electromagnetic radiation energy to electrical energy, and more specifically the conversion of an extremely high frequency bandwidth of the electromagnetic spectrum (beyond Gamma Rays) known as the zero point spectrum. Physicists recognize that we are immersed in an energetic field.

The existence of the zero point energy was discovered in 1958 by the Dutch physicist M. J. Sparnaay. Mr. Sparnaay continued the experiments carried out by Hendrick B. G. Casimir in 1948 which showed the existence of a force between two uncharged plates which arose from electromagnetic energy surrounding the plates in a vacuum. Mr. Sparnaay discovered that the forces acting on the plates arose from not only thermal energy (heat) but also from another type of radiation now known as classical electromagnetic zero point energy. Mr. Sparnaay determined that not only did the zero point electromagnetic energy exist in a vacuum but also that it persisted even at a temperature of absolute zero. This term Zero Point Energy has been based on the concept that even if matter were cooled down to absolute zero (minus 273oC), in terms of its temperature, this energy field still remains.

Because it exists in a vacuum, ZPE is homogeneous (uniform) and isotropic (identical in all directions) as well as ubiquitous (exists everywhere). The vacuum is now considered as filled with randomly fluctuating fields having the ZPE spectrum.

Also, ZPE is quite intense. Nobel Laureate Richard Feynman and one of Einstein’s protégés, John Wheeler, calculated that there is more than enough energy (from ZPE) in a coffee cup to evaporate all the worlds’ oceans. We fail to easily recognize this immense energy source, just as trying to weigh a bucket of water while in the ocean is difficult. We are like fish, unaware of the ocean (Paul Dirac).

Andre Sakharov, the Soviet Physicist, argued that we should regard all matter as floating in a sea of energy. Various researchers around the world have been discovering scientific anomalies which are being attributed to the conversion of ZPE. It is also thought that discovering the secret of tapping ZPE could be the key to opening the door to a unified theory of the Universe. In other words, our current understanding of science is like a puzzle with a large missing piece. ZPE would be the missing piece which completes the picture, possibly ushering a "Second Coming" of science.

In essence, the implication of this energy field (ZPE) is that if we can tap into the sea of energy that we are all floating in, that we could easily meet the world’s insatiable energy demand, and use our remaining oil supplies for essentials such as pharmaceuticals and plastics.

Even data from the NASA Wilkinson Probe suggests that far more then 20 times the solar energy available, at the peak of a sunny day, can be extracted from the Zero Point Energy field, available around the clock, seven days per week. [Tom Valone, Integrity Research Institute]

Two large U.S. aerospace companies, the U.S. Defense Department, the U.S. Military, and several USA national laboratories have or have had ZPE-related research underway. [Aviation Week & Space Technology, March 1, 2004]

An Abundant Energy Source Ready for Commercialization

There is a small group of inventors and researchers who have been investigating new forms of tapping into the Zero Point Energy field for some years. It is clear that many different advanced energy technologies are being developed simultaneously. Some have been more successful than others, and many claims of efficiencies greater than 100% abound. However, to date not one has been commercialized.

ZPower was founded to become a global leader in providing Zero Point Energy sources...viable fuel-less and pollution-free energy alternatives, to power your home, your office, your vehicle and thousands of other energy dependent products.

ZPower has focused on building the infrastructure necessary to successfully commercialize these technologies. ZPower envisions that through this ‘pipeline’ we can deploy numerous energy and propulsion innovations in a rapid manner, thereby supporting a multiple technology umbrella. In doing so, ZPower has developed and attracted technologies for a range of revolutionary technologies, which include the production of energy in three main categories:

  1. Electricity,
  2. Thermal (heating or cooling), and
  3. Mechanical power.

Need for ZPower

The benefit of developing a technology research organization, allowing these creative scientists and inventors to share ideas and invent their dreams, will be quite extraordinary.

Many inventors are wildly creative people who are often dedicated to a certain line of research, which they may pursue for years. Not infrequently, an effect is discovered which, if reproducible in meaningful amounts, could radically change current technology.

Further funding is needed to back the innovator's research, the support for which often comes from friends or family and is usually exhausted in a short period. Much of the innovator's time is spent searching for funding, thereby substantially distracting him from any meaningful research efforts. Instead, the pressure is on to produce quick and dramatic results so that any investment money is accessible.

To fill these gaps, ZPower was founded to assist inventors and globally commercialize ZPE generators.




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