Radiant Energy

Prototypes to Products

Prototypes have been demonstrated to professors, scientists, engineers, and businessmen.

These demonstrations have occurred in Japan, India, the Philippines, UAE and the USA - during the day and night - inside and outside - showing the capability of Radiant Energy to provide a new source of electricity which is clean, affordable and constant.

ZPower Technology Explanation (5:30 min)

ZPower Technology 5,000 Watt Demonstration (3:23 min)

ZPower's Radiant Energy Technology is demonstrable, proven and reliable

It always works.

The Technology is in development to products.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size prototypes have been built?

Multiple prototypes have been constructed, producing 50 watts to 120 kilowatts of electricity for over 8 months.

How much energy does it produce?

The current prototype unit has 6 panels with a total size of 1-foot square, and produces over 5 kilowatts of electricity, running continuously (day and night) for 8 months.

How does it compare with other energy sources?

The ZPower Prototype is solid state (no moving parts). No fossil fuel to operate it.

It always works. Day and night. Indoors or outdoors. Providing constant, baseload power.

No fossil fuels. 
No pollution.
No toxic materials. 
Small footprint. 

What products are planned?

The focus is on utility-scale large power generation (500Kw to 2MW). Other power applications are being considered.

When will products be available?

The Z1 and Z2 Power Units are scheduled for a 2022 release.


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