Radiant Energy
by ZPower

Our mission is to provide:

Clean • Affordable • Constant

Electricity from the Sun

4.6 Million

people die each year from pollution

7.9 Billion

want electricity that is clean, affordable and constant

$9 Trillion

is spent to power our houses, factories, cars, planes, computers and smartphones each year

Today's economy is driven by fossil fuels, which costs us pollution and security.

Renewable energy sources (wind and solar) are clean and inexpensive, but random.

A breakthrough energy technology which is clean, affordable and constant is available now.

The ZPower Solution

Constant 24/7 Electricity from the Sun

Each 20 ft Power Plant supplies 300 Homes

"Soon our world will be driven by power obtainable from anywhere...men will succeed in powering our world by the very wheelwork of nature" - Nikola Tesla


Phoenix, AZ, USA
London, UK


Email: info@zpower.com
Phone: Contact Us

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