About Us

The Company


ZPower's vision is to provide abundant energy to everyone.

Our objective is Clean - Affordable - Constant energy for humanity.

The Team

Our firm is based in Phoenix, Arizona and consists of several scientists, engineers and business experts.

The Technology

The sun provides massive energy to the earth, which is constantly available.

Scientists have called this energy by the names of Zero Point Energy, Ether, Quantum Energy, and Dark Energy.

We call this Radiant Energy.

The secret is how to collect this energy that is all around us and always available.

Research Focus

ZPower is focused on the research and development of Radiant Energy technologies, and to partner with companies for the manufacture, marketing and distribution of our technology.

Marketing Plan

Our marketing plan is to sell the service not the product (i.e., sell the electricity and not the generator).

Our focus is on providing utility-scale electric power to electric utilities and industry.

Technology Expansion

We are a multiple technology organization, researching solid-state and rotational methods of collecting Radiant Energy.


Radiant Energy can be used to power the Utility Grid (factories, offices, homes), and eventually Vehicles (cars, boats, planes) and Appliances (refrigerators, heaters, laptops, smartphones).


Phoenix, AZ, USA
London, UK


Email: info@zpower.com
Phone: Contact Us

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