We seek qualified partners with resources and a passion for clean energy

The Market Potential

Energy is essential for today’s modern society. Without electricity, our economy crumbles: no clean water, no heating and cooling, no food, no transportation, and no internet.

Our industrial and information revolutions were built on a foundation of energy.

A massive transformation is underway to replace current fossil fuel based energy with clean sources.

The Challenge

But Clean energy isn’t constant. Existing solar and wind generators operate 4-6 hours a day, requiring expensive batteries to provide continual 24-7 energy.

The Solution

ZPower scientists have developed the “holy grail” of energy generation, collecting constant energy from the sun, which satisfies the 3 requirements of our energy-driven world:

No fossil fuels. No pollution. No toxic materials. Small footprint.

Electricity for 1-3¢ per kWh (typical residential power is 10-15¢ per kWh) 

Always works. Day and night. Indoors or outdoors. Constant baseload power.


Technology Progress

Rapid progress is underway at ZPower.

We are building our flagship product - the Z1 Power Plant.


Laboratory Setup

50 Kilowatt Power Cubes followed by the 1 Megawatt Power Plant


Certification and Protection

UL certification and Global IP protection


Utility-Scale Testing

Testing at several locations under a variety of usage requirements



Sign Utility Contracts. Start manufacturing.

Qualified Partners

The vision of ZPower is to provide everyone with Clean • Affordable • Constant energy - starting with our Z1 Power Plant for the electric utility grid.

We seek manufacturing and marketing partners worldwide.


Phoenix, AZ, USA
London, UK


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